The Best Reasons to Stay in This Valentine’s Day

Why you should order delivery on Valentine’s Day

Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is overrated. Historically, Valentine’s Day has been one of the busiest nights of the year for Bite Squad. More and more people are catching on that it’s so much more easy and convenient to order in on Valentine’s Day than it is to go out. And if you do it right, you don’t have to sacrifice any of the ambiance or romance!

No need for reservations

Reservations for the best Valentine’s Day spots have to be made weeks in advance. If you don’t make your reservation early, be prepared to end up single after waiting hours for a table or winding up in the drive through at your local burger joint.


Long lines, bearing witness to awkward first dates, crowds everywhere. There is nothing romantic about that. Ordering delivery on Valentine’s day solves all those problems. You are guaranteed to dine in a quiet and intimate setting.

You can order exactly what you want

Most restaurants limit their in-house menus on with Valentine’s Day specials. Want Thai food instead of fancy seafood? Greek in lieu of a pretentious steak dinner? Not an issue with delivery!

You can customize the mood

Whether you want to light candles and enjoy a charming evening, or be totally casual on the couch, you are in control of your Valentine’s Day dinner experience with delivery.

So ask out your date. Set the mood. And order Bite Squad.