What Your Food Cravings Actually Mean

What are you craving?

We’ve all been there. Sitting at our desk at 3 p.m. on a regular Tuesday. Minding our business. Finishing up some reports or about to run into an end-of-day meeting, when BAM! A nasty craving comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden it feels like you would trade everything you own for a piece of chocolate.

While your stomach controls hunger, your brain controls cravings. When one hits, it’s your brain trying to tell you something. Here’s what, exactly…

what does craving chocolate mean?
What chocolate cravings mean

Craving chocolate is usually more than just a sweet tooth. Chocolate is very high in magnesium, which is a very common deficiency, especially among women. If you are trying to avoid chocolate, you can usually lose the craving by eating other food high in magnesium. Like seafood, dark leafy greens or nuts. But let’s be real, that doesn’t sound nearly as satisfying.

craving donuts and sweets
What sweets and sugar cravings mean

If you are craving sweets (sometimes even straight up sugar, no chaser), you are likely experiencing blood sugar fluctuations. Its seems counter-intuitive (and way less fun), but often giving into a sugar craving will only increase your cravings as it sends you on a blood sugar roller-coaster. To really kill a sugar craving, aim for high fiber foods like nuts, legumes or complex carbohydrates.

craving pretzel and salty foodsWhat salty food cravings mean

Cravings for pretzels, chips, popcorn and other salty foods often mean strong fluctuations in stress hormones in the body. Getting some stress-management in your life (meditation, relaxation, exercise, etc.) will help with these cravings.

craving grilled cheeseWhat cheese cravings mean

Craving cheese or pizza is often an indicator of a fatty acid deficiency. (Mmmm. Delicious fatty acids.) It is common and normal for most people to experience fatty acid deficiencies on occasion. An alternative to cheese to satisfy these cravings is salmon or raw walnuts, which also contain fatty acids. But we think cheese seems way more delicious.

craving burgers or red meat

What red meat cravings mean

Not surprisingly, craving red meat often means you are iron deficient. This often shows up in the form of burger or steak cravings. It’s important to remember to have vitamin C while indulging in your iron cravings so make sure to put some colorful vegetables on that burger.

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