8 Mouthwatering Mexican Restaurants in Minneapolis for Delivery

Head south of the border without ever leaving home

Whether you like your spice subtle or sweat-inducing, Mexican restaurant delivery is always a flavorful choice. With everything from starters like salsa and guacamole to enchiladas, tacos and more, here are our top picks for Mexican food delivery in Minneapolis.  

So the next time you’re craving delicious Mexican cuisine, but don’t feel like cooking or driving, order Bite Squad and we’ll deliver.


Spicy chicken tacos for delivery

If there was a signature Mexican food, tacos would be it. Taqueria Los Ocampo serves up more than 20 types of fillings to choose from for your next taco fix. Stick with something standard like Picadillo Picoso (spicy ground beef) or branch out and try Chorizo y Papas (sausage and potatoes), Lengua (beef tongue!) or Chales (dry pork meat). Order tacos for delivery in Minneapolis now.


Your favorite enchiladas for delivery

Smothered in a slightly spicy sauce and melted cheese and stuffed with meat or bean filling, enchiladas are like tacos—but better! Try the enchiladas from Cocina Latina  and choose between chicken, steak, roasted pork or shrimp and red or green sauce. Served with Mexican rice, fried beans, and salad, you won’t go hungry after this flavorful meal. Order enchiladas for delivery in Minneapolis now.  


Order your favorite nachos for delivery

Classic nachos are cheesy charbroiled goodness topped with grilled meats, fresh veggies and refreshing guacamole. Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant in Golden Valley agrees and offers up four varieties of nachos for delivery. “Meat” your nacho craving with the Nachos Machos, topped with both steak and bacon, grilled onions, bell peppers and guacamole. Let us bring you some nachos.


Order chips and guacamole for delivery

In our humble opinion, no Mexican restaurant delivery order is complete without guacamole. One of the most basic but essential Mexican toppings, guacamole is the perfect refreshing complement to a spicy dish. R Taco does it right—no fancy business here, just avocado, salt and spices and a hint of lime. Order some guac and Bite Squad will deliver.


Order a burrito for delivery

When a taco won’t quite cut it, a burrito is the perfect choice. A little bigger, a soft flour tortilla and your choice of fillings make a burrito a great lunch or dinner choice. Burrito Loco offers many styles of tasty burritos including beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian. Go for the classic carne asada and make it enchilada style—topped with enchilada sauce and cheese. Don’t be shy, ask for burrito delivery


Quesadilla for delivery

Quesadillas are always a hit with kids and adults alike. Keep it simple with creamy melted Oaxaca cheese folded in a grilled flour tortilla, or take it up a notch by adding meats and veggies. Nico’s Taco Bar serves up theirs with classic pico de gallo, guacamole, crema and lettuce. Don’t delay, order a quesadilla for the whole family.


Tamale-Enchilada Spanish rice and beans for delivery

The secret to a great tamale is moist corn masa and flavorful fillings. Adelita’s Mexican Restaurant is in on the secret. Choose from Tamales de Puerco (pork tamales in red salsa) or Tamales de Pollo, both served in red sauce, or Tamales Rancheros served in a spicy red ranchero sauce. Get yourself some tamales.


Order fajitas for delivery from Bite Squad

The idea build-your-own taco plate, fajitas combine flavorful grilled meat and tender veggies with warm flour tortillas and your choice of toppings. La Casita serves both a fajita burrito and a fajita salad, but we love their traditional platter-style fajitas served with grilled steak, chicken, shrimp or garden vegetables and a warm corn cake on the side. Hungry? Find fajitas near you.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite like street tacos and guacamole or Mexican comfort food like tamales and fajitas, these Minneapolis Mexican restaurant delivery picks will have you saying “Ole!” 

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